When a Session is created in your event program a Room is automatically created.
A session can only host one room at the time, but there might be the case that you want to have a couple of test rooms that you can use for dry-runs, or just unassigned a room to a session (such as breaks or lunches).

By pressing the edit icon you can:
Change the "engagement code" - this code is used mostly for in-person or hybrid events to allow attendees to quickly navigate to a specific room.
Change the session the room is assigned to
Rename the room
Enable/Disable Streaming

By pressing the "Add Room" button (located in your top right) you can create a new room.

You can turn on/off moderation for all Q&As by flipping the Moderation toggle. Don't worry, you can still override this on a per-room-basis.

By clicking a room you will be able to proceed and setup engagements such as Q&A, Quizzes, Polls, and Wordcloud for this room.

If your room is not showing any stream, the first thing you should do is to verify that the Studio for said room is enabled.

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